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It was alright, but..

I'm not sure that you know that China has an alliance with other countries as well. China doesn't attack America because we have an alliance, America doesn't attack China for the same reason. Unless China's attack on America was random and thoughtless (something China has never done in their history at all), they would have brought allied forces with them. Yes, America has done such things (hell, we're doing one now.. Iraq..), but China tends to get their whole alliance on their side before they attack. That would have had a completely different outcome entirely.

Best trilogy to ever grace newgrounds.

Wow... I laughed so hard at every episode of whitmore the toad pirate... You have ingenious comedic timing. Do you have a bunch of friends who you get together with to sing those songs, or do you just voice over the same one several times? Either way, your songs are another part of your genious. I give you a standing applause.

EdibleCastle responds:

a standing applause!!! i'm honoured.

the song was voiced over - all me.


Couldn't at all be related to the warners brothers frog in any way.. I always did like that frog. And so, since I don't keep up with news n crap because 99.9% of the time it doesn't relate to me, I liked this.

Nice parody.

I was rollin with laughter. I guess anyone really can look fat and make an ass out of themself. Point taken.

one stick movie sucks..

A whole bunch of them thrown together is even worse. All this was was random tidbits of films that will never get finished due to writers block thrown into a flash file that make no sence whatsoever when put together. There was some good talent in that thing though, and I'd love to see some flashes from a few of the artists, even one of the stick artists. But throwing together a bunch of bits of writer's blocked movies into one big hunk 'o' junk that doesn't make sence doesn't qualify as a movie in my eyes.

nice graphics

But you're wasting your skills for a fart joke. Haha.

Reminds me of the olden days.

One of the first submissions to the portal I ever watched... and it was good. And it is definately able to survive the passing of time. Curses on you for making it loop though, it'll be playing in the background for hours now...


Although this is great and wonderful and very hilarious, get back to work on claveman.. I love popeye's biscuts.. and I just don't know what I'll do if I don't get to see another cartoon with them... so pleas, if there is any love in your heart left for popeyes biscuts, continue work on claveman2... or else you might make baby jesus cry..

Nice, I liked it.

It was a bit short, though. Very cool.


Awesome series, you've got me hooked. This is, quite possably, the greatest lower-graphics series evah! I want to know what happens next!! BTW, check your spelling a bit before you put it up.. just run it through word first.


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